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Mink Fur Bear (Orphan)
by Wendy Shelby of Hares N Hays


Genuine mink fur teddy bear "Reggie" created by Canadian teddy bear artist Wendy Shelby of Hares N Hays.

Bear is 16" long.

Shiny black plastic eyes.

Ultra suede face and paw pads.

Wendy designed this bear so that he lays on his belly and lazes around all day. He can sit but prefers to stretch out. He has a plump derriere and big back feet. Right back foot signed by Wendy Shelby and right front foot carries his number 2752. Wendy has made nearly 3000 bears in her life, it goes without saying that she is one of the best in the fur bear business. Wendy is definitely an expert at the matching and seaming of the pelt cuttings because they are virtually invisible on this bear. No small feat considering how difficult fur pelts can be to work with. All you have to do is feel one of her creations to know that she is no lightweight when it comes to the art and the construction of her designs and the quality of the materials she uses.

The reclaimed mink used to create this bear is male in origin, has a powdery soft base coat with longer, glossy guard hairs and exhibits zero signs of dry rot, shedding or fur loss. The fur is a natural color and was never chemically dyed therefore the color will not fade away like dyed mink does. A stunning example of high quality fur used by an extremely talented artist with many years of experience.

Five way jointed using wooden discs, screws and lock-nuts. Stuffed with plastic pellets and polyester.

I bought this bear directly from Wendy Shelby and it has been properly cared for, in the same manner that I treat all of my fur. No sunlight, cool room, no dust and no moisture. I can assure you that this bear is in perfect condition.

Downsizing my current bear collection to make room for new bears and have a new puppy with a taste for fur. Uggh

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