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Piggy Dragon
by Svetlana Polupanova
4.7 inches (12 centimeters)


PLEASE READ Ordering Information.

This creature is posable, it can hardly stand on feet.

Head, hands and feet are made of airdry clay, fur and leather are faux. Body's fabric is cotton.
Its size in centimetres (height/width/length): 12.5 x 6 x 11

Please note colors may be a bit different in real life due to different computer monitors.

It is not a toy for children and needs delicate handling.
As a handmade work it may have some imperfections. Thank You for understanding.

High upon Great Oak mountain chain a group of giants lives. They usually keep away from any relations with other races but dwarves who have been trading with them for ages. It might sound strange but giants get some gardening tools of their size from them, giving bags full of beautiful pearls instead. These pearls are actually old scales growing on piggy dragons’ backs, becoming smooth and shiny because of polishing each other day by day and being greased by the very special fat which their skin produces. These creatures are a kind of giants’ cattle, being wild long ago nowadays they are totally domesticated. They eat only acorns and fresh oak leaves and have a great appetite, so it is quite a hard task to keep even a small flock sated. That is why the giants’ ancestors had to become great gardeners. The oaks they had bred grow much faster than other species, bear fruit 12 times a year and are fireproof, so the dragons cannot burn the forest out in a moment while playing or breeding. Unfortunately, having no other reason to develop their gardening skills after they had learned how to produce the food for their cattle, the giants have decided they had used their brains long enough and haven’t even tried to grow any fruits or vegetables for themselves. Three-four dragon eggs and a big piece of dragon bacon are a common giant breakfast. Sometimes human madcaps sneak into the forest to steal a dragon piglet for selling it to any noble lady as an exotic pet but it is extremely dangerous.
There are no moulds for any of my creatures, every one is absolutely unique and cannot be duplicated.

My instagram www./sweet_sign/

Please remember:

* These creatures and their stories are totally imagined and created by me, please don't use my idea.
* It's NOT a TOY
* It's afraid of water, straight sunlight, animal teeth and claws, children's curiosity
* Do not ever fall it down! It has very fragile parts that can be broken easily.
* Do not keep in dusty places.
* The best option for display and safe keeping is on a shelf behind glass.
* If you want to clear it, use DRY SOFT brush only.
** Do not try to apply any phisical effort when you change its pose, you can make it hurt (or break it). Be gentle =)

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