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Pattern for a Teddy-eleph
by Olga Fomenko
5.5 inches (14 centimeters)


Pattern for a Teddy-elephant (14 centimeter/5,5 inches) + dress
Level of difficulty: this sewing pattern is designed for experienced skillful Teddy makers.Your experience, skills, style, and imagination are the key-words in this creation.
This pattern isn’t for a commercial use or manufacturing. For individual use only.
You could make a Teddy-elephant for your collection, but it’s ineligible to sell the toy or post this pattern for sale on Internet.
The set includes:
1.Teddy-elephant Pattern in PDF format.The given pattern is A4 printing format.
2.Pattern a dress for elephant in PDF format.The given pattern is A4 printing format.
2.The list of materials for creation of a elephant.

The price covers the pattern only, but not an actual toy.
The customer buys my intellectual property in electronic format.
You will receive my Unique Teddy-elephant with Pattern via your e-mail after 24 hours after confirmation of your payment.
Let me know your email address.
You are welcome to write to me if you have any questions.

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