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Malvina doll
by Veronika Lenkova
18.8 inches (48 centimeters)


Кукла Мальвина сшита вручную из хлопка и хлопкового трикотажа, рост 48см, вся одежда снимается, ручки и ножки подвижны, с ней можно играть , личико расписано акриловыми красками по ткани и закреплены специальным лаком.

Malvina doll is hand-sewn from cotton and cotton knitwear, 48 cm in height, all clothes are removed, the arms and legs are mobile, you can play with it, your face is painted with acrylic paints on fabric and fixed with a special varnish. The pupa is stuffed with sawdust, sintepukha and weighted with river sand, all these items are heat treated. So inside the pupa there is a frame, legs and handles on hinges of beads.

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