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Sparrow owl
by Averina Olesya
12.9 inches (33 centimeters)


This unique toy is made in the style of a natural animal - a Sparrow owl. It is made of German maher, alpaca and several types of faux fur. A careful and varied combination of fabrics was chosen. Also hand painted with artificial oil. This will allow the bird flower to remain safe for many years. Very time-consuming implantation of black and white fur particles by hand. Glass, German eyes - hand painted. Beak and claws are made of plastic, very durable. The bird is very mobile and behaves like a real one. In the wings there is a plastic skeleton, which allows the owl to open the wings and fold them on the back. Each feather on the wings is sewn separately from each other, and each feather is painted subtly by hand with dyes on fabric that are not erased. The legs also have a plastic skeleton inside, so they can be bent to find a balance for the bird. The owl is tight on the legs. The fingers are on the wire frame, and they can also be bent like the fingers of a real bird.
The head of the toy turns in different directions. It is filled with padding polyester. For weight and balance inside there is a metal granulate.
Growth of a bird with raised wings is 33cm, when the wings are on the back, the owl is 23cm high.
A unique toy in the style of a natural bird will be a perfect example for your collection. Decorate your home and become a good friend.
Have a passport.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will answer with pleasure. If you would like to reserve a toy or buy in installments, let me know, ok? Wish you have a nice day and have a nice shopping!
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