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Maci Bunny
by Tatiana Skalozub
3.5 inches (9 centimeters)


Maci Bunny - Artist Miniature Teddy Bunny Rabbit Lover Gift Doll Stuffed Animal Xmas Christmas Gift For Her By TSminibears.

The toy is made from Sassy Smokey long pile fabric for miniature bears and friends. She is completely hand sewn. All parts of the body can move as they are disk jointed. For eyes I used german glass eyes. Filled with polyfil and steal beads for pleasant weight.

Decoration: hand sewn jacket (Japanese cotton fabric), 100% fine wool crocheted vest/dress.

From new teddy collection “ In jackets”.


€227.00 EUR     (€227.00 EUR)

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  Tatiana Scalozub
TS mini bears
9.7 years on Bear Pile

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Hello, dear friend!
My name is Tatiana Scalozub ( business name - TSminibears) and I am a professional teddy bear artist since 2007. Mostly I create miniature bears and friends and this is my passion.

There are some my achievements in bear making career:
- approximately 10 years of sewing mini teddies
- 4 TOBY Awards, 2 URSA Awards and many other
- publications in teddy bear magazines
- taking part in teddy bear and doll exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Russia and Ukraine. Hope some day to visit USA, Australia and Japan!
- teaching students (online and live classes)
- selling artist teddy bear patterns and step-by-step tutorials

I find inspiration everywhere. For instance I am looking on the ground and see a piece of chocolate wrapping thrown by somebody. Ordinary people see only the wrapping. I see combination of colors and textures and my mind draw the future picture. But during the process of bear sewing I can change my mind hundred of times and as the result I get absolutely new bear who created himself by his own. I just help him put together fabric peaces using a needle.

My bears are special because are born from my mind, my soul and dreams. They always come out not as they were imagined or drown on paper. Maybe they character and personality do not depend on me but on my mood.

I like to travel and bring something new from each journey to bears. Also attending bear shows makes chantings in my thoughts and produces new ideas.

The main tip and advice to share for making a bear is to make bears by yourself, by your own unique design, never copy other bear artists works. Every time try to find something new, something that did not exist before.

Thanks for visiting my page!
I am opened for communication!

Best wishes!

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