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Teddy bear Nikita
by Svetlana Pashaeva
7.8 inches (20 centimeters)


Slender and charming Teddy bear Nikita goes on the field in a great mood. He never parted with the ball without a fight, as he masterfully holds dribbling. Teddy bear is sewn from German viscose brown, stuffed with sawdust. Tinted with artistic oil and delicately aged, what gives him a vintage style. Eyes black glass, sewn with waxed thread. Extremities on 5 cotter pin connections.

Nikita is dressed in a white T-shirt with red stripes and white shorts on lacing with black stripes. In the paws bear holds a leather ball filled with wood sawdust. He will serve as an excellent decoration of the interior and create a great mood in the house.

Year of production: 2018
Size: 20 cm / 7.87 in
Weight: 152 g / 0.34 lb
Material: Cotton, Leather, Linen, Viscose
Filler: Wood sawdust
Accessory: Ball
Copies: One of a kind

File under: attacker   collectible   football   football player   lacing   leather ball   shorts   strips   vintage   svetik-studio  

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