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Lord Fishbone
by Samantha-jane Seeley
11 inches (27.9 centimeters)


Lord Fishbone is 11 inches tall and created long white alpaca, he is five way cotter pin jointed with a wired pose able tail. Lord Fishbone’s face has been scissor and needle sculpted with hand shading, he has bright green hand painted glass eyes with black shading around his eyes to compliment his one black alpaca ear. He has long nylon whiskers. His jet pussy cat nose has been waxed and sculptured. he has jet black embroidered and waxed claws which compliment his jet black velvet cashmere paw pads.Lord Fishbone is filled with polyester and lots of steel shot for a sturdy cat.
Lord Fishbone wears an amazing statement of power hand made costume. His coat is created from velvet faux fur dalmation, lined with grey cotton fishbone print fabric, the coat has a black alpaca collar and is finished with two large silver button linked by silver chain. He has a matching hat finished with a real black patent leather belt with silver buckle. Fishbone wears a silver loop earing in his black left ear with dangling silver fishbone pendant. His waistcoat is created from black and white skull print fabric finished with black and white stripe buttons and watch and chain, he has a bright red pure silk cravat bow around his neck. Lord Fishbones hand made boots are created from black patent and leather and finished with large silver skull buttons with white diamond swarovski crystals.
Billingsgate is Lord Fishbones magical headstick created from black and white sassy fur, embroidered and shaded features with bright green swarovski crystal eyes. He is mounted on a hand painted stick peppered with white swarovski crystal diamonds finished with black silk ribbon and a red snapper fish. Billingsgate has been trimmed with a red feather boa and silver crown upon his head where the magic is kept.
Canis is Lord Fishbones puppet, some say he used to be a fully grown cat before he met in Fishbones alley!! He is created from black and white sassy fur, hand shading, embroidered features, fully jointed and has bright green swarovski eyes. He has a little black felt head upon his head with a silver star. He is a fully strung working puppet.
Lord Fishbone, Billingsgate and Canis are one of a kind and come on a detachable hand made engraved stand.

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