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Juicy Panda
Stuffed Panda Bear
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By Mama Berri

6.4 inches (16.2 centimeters)

Juicy as summer fruits - welcome a new juicy panda.
Made of hand dyed viscose, stuffed with sawdust, has glass eyes and waxed nose; 5-disc-jointed.
The bear is decorated with Swarovski heart pendant and silk ribbon.

Soul sharing,
Mama Berri

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$120.00 USD     (Approx. $120.00 USD)

Worldwide    $35.00 USD    ($35.00 USD)    

Cost of the delivery is discussed additionally, depending on the location.

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  Olga Kolupakha
Mama Berri
South Africa
3.5 years on Bear Pile

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When you are feeling happy and relaxed and full of light...
When your heart is full of absolute, true and inspiring love...
When a rainbow and white fluffy clouds dance playfully above your head in the infinite depth of the blue sky...
When ideas fly around your head like bumblebees in search of pollen, leading to positive solutions.
When a smile is the sweetest dessert and kindness is the most beautiful adornment ... cute little Teddy bears and their friends appear.
They become a part of you, inseparable from your life and your most precious memories. They give you warmth and love, making you feel happy and fulfilled.
Welcome to my world. My name is Mama Berri!

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