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Unicorn teddy bear Micro
Stuffed Bear
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By Svetlana Mironova

2.4 inches (6.2 centimeters)

Every bear dreams of becoming a unicorn! You ask him why?
"The unicorn is beautiful and lives in a magical forest" - the bear will answer you.

It is said that there are no miracles left in the world, that there is no more a single unicorn, no dragon, and dryads with elves have sunk into the distant past. Sometimes I myself believe in the disappearance of all this. But then I will remember childhood, as now, and everything again seems bilaterial, like a wizard's hat, is a reality and a fairy tale.

Of course the bear will never become a unicorn, but why not dream!

My little bears are miniature teddy bears. Collection "UNICORN BEARS". Gentle and touching, like children. They believe in unicorns and dream of magic.
Each bear is made according to the Teddy technology: all parts of the body are made separately, packed, then connected by a 5-point attachment. Glass eyes (not beads). Ornaments: scarf / toad neck (not removed) - 100% silk, bezel on the head - flexible filament and horn with flowers made of polymer clay (the bezel is removed). The horn glows in the dark.

The bear takes different poses, as well as the "adult" bear teddy, sits, stands with support. It is soft and shaggy. It can be neatly combed. He will be a great friend for you and your other dolls and bears.

UNICORN TEDDY BEAR in a ballet tutu

Her height is 6,2 cm while, and 5.5 cm sitting At the same time he has a wool, his hands and feet, and also his head turns. Scarf and a ballet tutu are not removed.
He will come to your house with a author's certificate.

This cute little baby waving to you! You will be surprised even more when you see him live, but for now - watch a video film to understand it better.

* All my cubs come from a non-smoking home.
** Please note that this toy teddy is made for display only and is not intended for children's games.
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  Svetlana Mironova
Svetlana Mironova
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Welcome to my shop!My name is Svetlana Mironova. City Nizhny Novgorod. Here you can find handmade dolls made by me (teddy dolls, other teddy animals, dust bunnies, my custom dolls). Hope you'll enjoy them :)

I love collecting antiques, which are from provincial Russia and the world; sew teddy toys, I use the old (but as new ) USSR-plush; I create a miniature (micro world) and mini toys,
and generally like something that is very personal to create. Mother of two children. When there were children, opened a creative funnel. I live, breathe, love, create and rejoice!

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