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Knight Kitten
by Olia Demina
6.6 inches (17 centimeters)


Materials: alpaca and wool. There are wool and metallic pills inside the body. Glass eyes are handmade. Ears are made from synthetic suede. I made moustache from 8 lb fireline.
All pieces of armour are handmade too. I did them from special material using to create props.
There are tiny magnets in his paws, so he can keep all his sword and shield.
His jaw can open and close, there are little tooth inside.

Cat is sewn by my own technology. He has 4 splintage connection and the neck with moveable skeleton. Arms and legs have author joint attachment version 3.0. So you can bend and unbend all limbs, also you can rotate hips and forearms a little. Shoulders are flexible and the arm and leg bending angle is about 160 degrees. It allows making more natural poses. Despite of his mobility cat can stay by himself.

What is the difference between all types of skeleton used in teddy bears and my author technology? In usual, limbs are not fixed so you can flex them in unnatural position. It might be look like leg or arm is broken. On the other hand, my author joint attachment enables to bend knee and elbow only in natural direction.

I prefer to use one pattern only one time then I destroy it. It’s my credo. So all my creations are unique.


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