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Gray cat
Stuffed Monster
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By Adelkawalka

6.6 inches (17 centimeters)

Approx 17 cm in length without tail.

- Completely handmade.
- Face, paws and ears are made of polymer clay.
- Glass eyes Adelkawalka.
- Fully Posable. Wire skeleton.
- Made from high quality Faux Fur.

This is a collector's item and made for adults only. Will not be suitable for children. Can not be washed.
You get exactly the product that is shown in the photo.
It is, in a single copy, and never happen again.

Also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you! =)

Ordering Information

$179.00 USD     (Approx. $179.00 USD)

Any country    $15.00 USD    ($15.00 USD)    tracking code
Rest the world    $15.00 USD    ($15.00 USD)    tracking code
Worldwide Shipping    $15.00 USD    ($15.00 USD)    tracking code
Worldwide EMS    $40.00 USD    ($40.00 USD)    fast ship, tracking code

Regular Russian Post. Delivery period is 10-60 days, tracking, no insurance.

All of the packages will not be insured and they will all be marked as a 'gift' with the total value of 1 EUR per each package.
Should you prefer me to mark it's full value or insure your package please let me know. Insurance will be charged additionally.
I do not take any responsibility for the loss of the package or the breakage of the toy during the shipping.

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  Adelkawalka Valentina
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Greetings! Very glad to all who like my work!

I'm using mixed technique and all of my creations are completely hand made, hand sewn and hand sculpted (solid parts). I don't use any patterns while sewing or any molds for sculpturing, so every creature is unique.


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