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Destiny Believer
by Nadya Karabas
15.7 inches (39.8 centimeters)


Destiny Believer - is a front man of the collection "After the performance".

In this collection you will see young and talented actors who believe in their success. Destiny Believer is a soul and heart of the theater troupe.

...He believes in his destiny, therefore he is unperturbed. He knows that everything that happens in his life is right. Each event is just a part of a large beautiful color mosaic, so everything that happens - is for the better...

The Bear is made of a vintage plush. The stuffing is dense, but soft, due to this it is very pleasant to interact and hug with the bear. A similar effect is achieved due to the special packing technique. Used:
- sawdust
- wood wool
- mineral granulate of different fractions
- wool

His height is 15,7 inches.

Fastening on 5 t-pins.

On the head, paw and tummy decorative darning and decorative patches are applied.

Germany glass eyes and eyelids are made of genuine leather.

Vintage ribbon and a button used to decor the bear I found in one of the antique shops in Europe.

Tinted with panpastel and oil paints.

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