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Tarantula Ariadne
Stuffed Spider
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By stricktiere

6.6 inches (17 centimeters)

Tarantula Ariadne
hand-sewn from me with plush and cashmere, she is 17 cm long and 21 cm wide she has 1 joint,
filled with fiberfill, she has 8 black onyx eyes, the legs are wired, the fang teeth are from glass and are wired too.

The Design is from Shirley Scheibehenne

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€120.00 EUR     (Approx. €120.00 EUR)

Worldwide    €9.00 EUR    (€9.00 EUR)    

Versand nach Deutschland im versicherten Paket für 6,99€

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  Silvia Pfeuffer
2.5 years on Bear Pile

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Wellcome to my little furry friends

Hello! My name is Silvia. I live in Germany. My Hobby is to make furry critters!
I hand sewn teddy and friends.

I'm very glad when you like my critters and they will find a nice place in your home!

Have fun to look at the pictures

Fashion models
my models all have a long slender body with long limbs, they fit so well into their specially for each character selected outfit.
I have sewn it all from viscose, they have mostly 9 joints, some of them with tail have one more joint like mice, rats, cats, dogs, etc.
The elbow and knee joints are made of glass or semi-precious stones beads such as jade or Rose Quartz.
Through their many joints they are infinitely flexible and can take many different poses.
The clothing is very quality and have lots of details.
If you hold one of these lovely girls in your hands, you would no longer let it go.

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