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Do it yourself Video mast
by Katya Makogon
17.7 inches (45 centimeters)


The Maine Coon Cat in nature style video course description
I invite you to watch my new Maine Coon in nature style video course.

This course is for the needlewomen who have already got some experience of creating teddy bears. I wouldn’t recommend to buy it for the first acquaintance with the teddy bears’ world. If you are a first-timer, take the English bulldog course.

The course consists of 8 video lessons with the total continuance of 5 hours and 30 minutes!
It also includes the list of materials, a pattern and a stitching scheme.

The finished toy is about 45-50/19 in cm tall.

The course consists of the following parts:

* The review and work with the main teddy -maker’s tools
* How to choose the cloth and work with a long pile (I will tell you why you can’t use all kinds of artificial fur for such cats)
* The fastening on the bolts. (Why we need them. How to avoid the bolt detwisting.
*The arm reinforcing.(how to make the arms flexible );
* A frame or a wire (what to choose for the body reinforcing)
* The peculiarities of padding for the nature style. (nuances of padding)
* How to work with the paws and decorate the pads (How to mould the pads from the plastics)
* Two ways of making ears with the pile, as the real cats have.
*Trimming the face (1 hour of detailed video about the trimming and fur setting)
* A new technology of making real eyelids and a profile (a secret way of making real eyes);
* Put all the parts together (what you should pay attention on while bolt fastening )
* A frame or a wire (what to choose for body reinforcing)
* A secret ingredient –whiskers ! (not a fishing line or monofilament )
* Tinting in “nature” style (How to mix and lay the paint to get natural colouring )

+Bonus : the kitten pattern (30 cm/ 11 In) in nature style for a present!
The finished work depends on your sewing skills, tinting, tightening and trimming.
In the materials there is a color scheme for the gray-white cat.

Any course material’s distribution or shearing is forbidden. All the rights belong to the course’s author Ekaterina Makogon.

You are allowed to sell the toy pointing out that the author of the model and design is Ekaterina Makogon

You can’t return or exchange the course.

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