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puppy Benki
by Evgeniya Borisenko
5.5 inches (14 centimeters)


Doll puppy Benya was created for the collection "The Old Circus" based on the old photographs of the wandering circuses of different countries and eras. The puppy Benya was made in mixed technique. The head, legs are made of polymer clay, painted with oil paints and tinted with dry pastel. The torso of a vintage plush hand-painted especially for this work, is packed tightly with sawdust wood and weighted with granulate for live weight. The toy turned out to be moderately heavy and very comfortable sitting on the palm of your hand. The size is small, only 14 cm full height, while sitting 11 cm. The eyes are glassy and shiny alive. The costume is made of natural silk with elements of painting for the fabric and slightly aged. The head rotates and the paws move due to the cotter pin. Completely manual work and all done with love. Single copy.
It will be a wonderful gift for any occasion.

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