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Lacky man
Stuffed Bear
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By Kulpina Anastasia

8.2 inches (21 centimeters)

Lacky man

pattern author!
not intended for children
artificial intensive aging.

full growth - 21 см.
height in sitting position - 13 см.

material- viscose.
filled with sawdust. the mineral + glass- granulate.
mount - disk + pin. head +4 hoisted.

eyes glass. color- black.

decor-silk bow, decorative seams.

Ordering Information:
Care instructions: plush toy Collectible love, respect, attention and care.
Don't like the damp, dust and direct sunlight.
Fear-moths, of water .Not intended for children to play!
Dry clean only!

note: bear color may be slightly different depending on the conditions of shooting light and display settings.

Ordering Information:
the bear will come to you from Russia 14-25 days

sending a bear within 1-3 working days after payment

$170.00 USD     (Approx. $170.00 USD)

Rest of the World    $20.00 USD    ($20.00 USD)    

the bear will be shipped 1-3 working days after payment

the bear will come to you from 14 to 25 days

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  Anastasia Kulpina
Anastasia Kulpina
2.5 years on Bear Pile

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Hi, my name is Anastasia Kulpina (Stasey) . I live and work in Russia, in
the northern town of Noyabrsk, which is located on the Yamal Peninsula. Here
is 8 month of winter and a lot of snow. The real bears often come to our
town and this fact is inspires me a lot! My profession is architect, however
since 2011 I 've been making teddy-bears and have taken part in several
workshops for creating artist teddies and antiquing tecnique . Thank you for
your attention and for visiting my shop. You may learn more about me in my
blog @anastasia_kulpina
I wish you to find a teddy, who will become a real friend for you!
Sincerely, Anastasia Kulpina

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