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Old Story (Orphan)
Stuffed Bear
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By Olga Popova

10 inches (25.4 centimeters)

Meet Old Story, a wonderful OOAK artist teddy bear overflowing with character and soul. Old Story is sewn from a wonderful vintage plush hand-tinted by his artist (see artist details above) to a dusty, smoky blue. He has been heavily aged by hand for a beautiful well-loved, well-worn appearance, with red fabric showing under his primary plush. :) Story is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. He is fully jointed, has German glass eyes, and is about 10 inches.

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  Carla Ritz
Carla Ritz
United States
2.3 years on Bear Pile

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Hello and greetings from the United States! My mom (78 years old) and I began collecting elephants because she and I are extremely close and real elephant mamas share such tremendous bonds with their babies...just like she and I do! I still do collect mostly ellies, but my interest spilled over into the world of bears as well. Sometimes a critter of mine is ready for a journey to a new home to enjoy exciting adventures...maybe that new home is yours!

I wish I could say that I created ellies and bears myself, but, alas, I just collect the beautiful work of other artists. I am grateful for the kindness that has been shown to me in this community and I am happy to be a part of it!

No matter what critters live in your homes, happy collecting to you!

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