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Pattern of a bear of Prok
by Popova Olga


* Bear pattern is sent to you in electronic form on the mail.
   PDF file.
* Pattern without a description of the work process.
* Pattern is given without allowance on seams.
* Recommended Materials:
- Viscose or plush vintage
- Disks (the sizes are specified on a pattern)
- Split pins T- 28mm (5 pcs.) O-ext. 28mm (2 pcs)
- Washers metal. 10 pieces.
- Glass eyes 5-6 mm
- Sawdust for packing
- Granulate for weighting (metal or glass)
- Oil paints for toning
* Teddy bear is about 23 cm tall.
* This pattern also sews the girls' teddies
  Crying and Siren
* It is forbidden to transfer the pattern to third parties

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I am sending bear after payment by mail from the city of Velsk anywhere in the world. Your teddy bear to go to you within 1-2 days after payment. After sending the always inform parcel number to track your email.
The approximate delivery time for the world:
Denmark: 20 days
Britain:10-15 days
Czech Republic: 10-12 days
Sweden: 14 days
Europe: 10-15 days
Rest of the world: 14-18 days
Transit time may vary depending on your location and customs clearance.

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