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Stuffed Elephant
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By Bears by Natasha Sakovich

5.1 inches (13 centimeters)

Meet this amazing thick and incredibly cute elephant Philip.
I'm in love with him. Those gentle eyes! The elephant was sewn from viscose black. Height 13cm. The body is very tightly packed with sawdust. The weight of the heavy metal abdomen is granulate. The cutting is pleasant to the touch. 5 cotter pins. Fiberglass black eyes. Ears intensify, occupying different positions. Wipe on the neck with Sheba's ribbon. The belly is sewn with mini-pugavitsami. Color pastel. Philip loves to travel and prepare for a new home, having fun. In order to bring a smile and a good mood.

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I will send to you within 1-2 days after payment. Sending air mail.

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  Nataliya Sakovich
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How Teddy so many different characters and destinies! Neither like each other. Good and obedient, cheerful, and willful, naughty and shy. That's such a big bear little family! Someone is not ready to leave his father's house, and many have already left for the white light to give their love and affection to the new owners.When I make a toy fill it with positive thoughts and good humor. Let along with Teddy in your home settle comfort, warmth and understanding!

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