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Teddy Bear Filimon
Stuffed Bear
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By Klavdija Tarasova

7 inches (17.7 centimeters)

Teddy Bear is OOAK and was sewed from viscose schulte, filled with sawdust and mineral granules.
He has glass eyes and hand stitched nose.
Teddy bear is 7 inches ( 17 cm ) tall and 5 inches ( 12 cm ) sitting.
He is full jointed. 5 pins.
Teddy Bear has accessories - vintage key.

Teddy bear is not for playing. It is designed for home decor. Not for children. Collectible toy.
Dry clean only. Keep away from water and sun.

Ordering Information:
Postage Worldwide $30.00 USD
I'll send the parcel the next day after payment. Express mail.
All teddy dolls & bears are securely packed.

$118.00 USD     (Approx. $118.00 USD)

United States    $30.00 USD    ($30.00 USD)    
United Kingdom    $30.00 USD    ($30.00 USD)    
Europe    $30.00 USD    ($30.00 USD)    

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  Klavdija Tarasova
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My name's Klavdija, and I'm a Teddy and doll artist from Latvia.
Making Teddy Bears and Dolls has been a passion of mine for a long time, I like to say that I put
a piece of my soul into each and every one of them.
I use the finest materials in my craft, from Wood to Vintage Velure.
The Baltic Guild of doll and toy artist .

And I would love it, if you could give my dolls a new home.
Thank you for time!

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