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Teddy Bear Sherlock
Stuffed Bear
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By Svetlana Bordner

9.8 inches (25 centimeters)

My "Vintage Teddy Bear Collection".

Vintage style Plush Teddy Bear "Sherlock".

Sherlock made of vintage plush in brown cinnamon color. He is very sweet guy, who always tries to look right into my eyes and seams like he is really trying to understand what is on my mind. Really nice Teddy Bear!

Sherlock dressed in handmade dyed cotton jacket.

Artist Teddy bear is OOAK toy and was made using very old vintage plush fabric so it is very delicate to handle! Teddy bear made in very traditional old teddy bear style with 5 way discs and cotter pins, completely sewn by hand. Teddy's arms, legs and head can move, professional glass eyes. Teddy bear is filled with sawdust and added white sand and some small river stones to give him nice weighted feel. Teddy bear was toned with oil and pastels.

Ordering Information:
Comes with tags ...signed & gift box with my brand name tags.

This is a collector’s Teddy and NOT recommended for children.


Do not wash or dry clean, as it can damage the toy. But you can hold him as much as you want! It will make him look only better!

I can send more pictures if you'd like!


I will send Teddy within 1-3 days after receiving full payment. Collectible Artist Teddy bear will be shipped from USA worldwide. Cargo delivery takes about 7-21 working days to (Europe) and 2-5 weeks Australia in normal mode.

Please, contact me for any questions.

Thank you for looking!


$145.00 USD

United States    $15.00 USD       US Priority, tracking
Rest of the World    $28.00 USD       First Class Mail, no tracking

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  Svetlana Bordner
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Graduated MD from Russia, also a piano teacher in the past, an astrologer, website builder, gardener, housewife and much more! I love pets and have 5 cats and 3 dogs in our beautiful mountain house in the NC National Forest.

Magical World of Teddies I found out when wanted to make my first Teddy as a friend to my cloth dolls (that was another of my creative passions). But once I made my first Teddy I soon realized how amazingly interesting and surprising is to watch the birth of each new Teddy, so since then I fall in love with them and hope this love will stay with me forever!


I am working with many different fabrics such as German and Italian viscose, vintage plush, synthetic furs and German mohair. I like changes and I just can't make the same style over and over again as many Teddy artists do. So, you will see different Teddies in my store, but I hope that all they have something similar from my personality. Occasionally though I produce a small collections of similar Teddies. Also, if you really liked one of my sold Teddies and would want a similar one, please, contact me and maybe I can make another one for you!

Thank you my wonderful customers, followers and visitors for your kind words and of course for adopting my babies!

SALE ON MANY TEDDIES! Please, check in description.

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