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Mister Bowler
Stuffed Bear
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By Olga Mayorova

10.2 inches (26 centimeters)

This bear was exhibit on Hugglets Teddybears festival on 10th of September.

A Little story about Sasha and Dasha.
Once upon a time, a long time ago now, there were Sasha and Dasha, a brother and a sister.
Every summer they used to spend at their grandmother’s village.
Before her grandchildren’s visit grandmother would always cook some fruit jelly and tell Sasha and Dasha that the other night it was fruit jelly bears with their assistants fruit jelly rabbits who cooked all those delicious fruit jelly candies.
Sasha and Dasha really loved their grandmother’s pantry in the house where she stored old suit cases with her childhood toys. They would spend hours in the pantry coming up with all sorts of exciting games.
Every night grandmother would tell her grandchildren some interesting fairy-tales. The all-time favorite was the fairy-tale about bear-wizard Florentine. He lived in a magical forest among elves, butterflies and dragonflies. Florentine’s house was sinking in the rose blossoming with the aroma turning into lovely music. During the warm evenings Florentine was coming up with kind fairy-tales for children while dragonflies were carrying them to children all over the world.
Every summer a chapiteau circus would arrive to a grandmother’s village. Such a celebration it was! The tent would rise and the music play. The clowns would wander all over the village and ask everyone to take part in the performance.
To be continued.

Mister Bowler is created from vintage plush, stuffed with pine sawdust and weighted with mineral granules. He is fully jointed and have his head, legs and arms movable. His eyes are lilac German glass. Bear is tinted with oil paints. He stands and sits himself.

Mister Bowler wears velvet pants and plush jacket, cotton collar with big green bow and velvet clown bowler with bell and pompon. Pants and collar are decorated with colored wooden beads.
All clothing is removable.

Mister Bowler looks like an old toy, so he has some patches.


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My name is Olga Mayorova. Teddy bears is my passion, pleasure and eternal love. I have been making them since 2012. Before that I was sewing textile dolls for a very long time, however after the first bear was born in my hands the dolls just refuse to come into existence. In my work I apply professional high quality materials as well as vintage and antique universal fabrics and accessories that I search at flea markets all over the globe, among acquaintances and friends. I can’t follow the same pattern too long. My head stores multiple ideas that are crowding and pushing each other being not able to queue in one order. So here I am drawing a new pattern, redoing it again, enlarging noses, shortening paws… and it never stops. Today I create little baby bears in dresses and pants, tomorrow all of a sudden I start sewing a fairy-tale giant bear that I saw in a dream. That is exactly why I never do the same piece twice. I simply won’t be able to.
My bears are insatiable globetrotters; they fly to all sorts of different countries. Every time it is extremely difficult for me to part with them as if I am sending my children in a long trip and understand that we will hardly ever meet again. I am absolutely sure that all my bears are alive with their own characters and secrets. You just need to believe and rest assured you will feel it.
With love,

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