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Idea the butterfly
Stuffed Butterfly
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By Alina Biliakova

3.9 inches (10 centimeters)

Meet, it's a butterfly-girl with gentle name " 'Idea". Idea is a butterfly "Idea leuconoe".

"Idea leuconoe, the paper kite, rice paper or large tree nymph, is known especially for its presence in butterfly houses and live butterfly expositions. It has a wingspan of 12 to 14 cm. The paper kite is of Southeast Asian origin, but can also be found in Northern Australia and Southern Taiwan." (Wikipedia)

Butterfly Idea continued my collection of "Mini-World". Soon the collection will be supplemented bumblebee, some butterflies such as Kallima philarchus, Peacock Pansy and Gray Pansy and other..and also a caterpillar, 3 spiders, a few of beetles... It will be very interesting!)))

* Butterfly Idea is entirely by hand sewn from german viskose of white color and light grey ministop.
* Butterfly's wings is translucent, white. The black outlines stitched on the sewing machine and painted by acrilic. The wing pattern and the shape accurately replicates in the wings of real Idea leuconoe.
* The eyes of Idea is made by me from polymer clay, painted and covered with epoxy resin.
* Idea knows how to sit, lie down and stand with support.
* On the neck of Idea is black-and-white beaded choker (not removable) with pendant - the rose flower. On the butterfly's head is a fixed silver crown.
* 6 cotter pins. Idea can slightly tilt the head. Antennae arms and legs are reinforced with copper wire.
* Filler-padding polyester, synthetic fluff, rubber granulate, glass granules.

Like all my toys, she made according by my original patterns. Done in the premises free from odors ( no Smoking, no Pets). Butterfly Idea arrive in a new house in the postal box, bring with himself passport of collectible toys. Also I can make a tiny magic lantern, like lanterns of Junona or Al'binka (similar but not the same). It will be cost $4. If you want it option, write me))
Important! With the purchase of two insects or insect and any little creations you will save 9$ on delivery . When buying three little toys the savings on delivery will be 18$. This is valid in case of sending a single parcel. To do this, email me , and specify what toys you want to buy this way)

Ordering Information:
The travel time of parcels in the country:
- Europe: 1,5-3 weeks
- USA: 2-3,5 weeks
- Canada: 2-4 weeks
- Australia: 4-6 weeks
- Italy: 4-9 weeks
- Rest of World: 2-5 weeks

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Beautiful butterfly Alina‚ô° The wings are phenomenal!!
156 days ago
Alina Biliakova
Rechel, thank you very much fo kind words!)
156 days ago
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  Alina Biliakova
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Hello , dear friends!
Nice to meet you, my name is Alina. I am an interior designer by profession (owner of a Studio of curtains "Studio interior Alina"), and very-very love to create toys, plush and dolls.I sew them from early childhood, and the last few years doing it professionally. I sew all: and the beasts, and of birds, and dolls, and characters of cartoons and fairy tales. I love to create new images. My toys are cute, is a hallmark of all my toys. I make my toys from own patterns.I not make exact repetitions , but if any of the inhabitants of CityPlush you like, write me, and I can do based on this toys another similar, special to you.
I will be very pleased, if you would like to adopt any of them. If you are interested in my work, subscribe to me, and you on email will be receiving letters about my new toys.

My emall: [email protected]

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