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Happy Family (Orphan)
Stuffed Elephant
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By Glarchik Larissa

7.8 inches (20 centimeters)

These Happy Elephants is composed of seven Ellie's from Dad to Mum and five children .
They are made from viscose, black eyes , vintage silk tape, filled with sawdust , caoutchouc pellet , and steal beads for a heavy weight.
This family cannot be sold one by one, the entire family can be adopted that's why the price is expensive
This sweet collection was ordered directly to the huge talented Artist Glarchick from Russia.
The Dad measures sitting 17 cm.
Lay away in 10 terms is acceptable, please contact me.
Thank you.

Ordering Information:
I ship all over the world with tracking number.
Please ask for the shipping fees depending on the destination and weight.
If the fees is lower , I will refund via PayPal.

€1000.00 EUR     (Approx. $1179.15 USD)

United States    €35.00 EUR    ($41.27 USD)    Insured with a tracking number
United Kingdom    €20.00 EUR    ($23.58 USD)    The shipping fees depends of
Europe    €20.00 EUR    ($23.58 USD)    The teddies.
Australia    €35.00 EUR    ($41.27 USD)    
Singapore    €30.00 EUR    ($35.37 USD)    

I ship every where in the world , if the fees is lower than indicates , refund you the money.

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