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Old elephant
Stuffed Elephant
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By Svetlana Zheleznova

10.6 inches (27 centimeters)

The old elephant. Grey, shabby elephant, with holes in the ears and gently fragrant with lavender. One of his eyes is lost so instead shoelace button. It is very sophisticated, delicate and romantic, it is impossible not to fall in love. On the tummy gentle folds. Loves nuts in chocolate)).
Growth is the Elephant standing-27 cm sitting -20 cm, 6 pins, but the head is not loose, Packed tightly, belly a little softer wood wool, lavender and granulated. Sewn from vintage plush, just Waterloo, yet durable hand color, very unusual texture, the inner part of the ears of the elephant rubbed up holes, which can be seen the basis of the plush, one of his eyes frosted glass Germany, second shoelace mother-of-pearl buttons, tinted oil. The ribbon is a silk-hand-color . Looking for a home!

Ordering Information:
Hello to all who dropped by my store!
I would be glad if you will like something from the finished work.
Work to order on 100% advance payment.Our Works are not toys, they should be treated with caution, do not drop. For our works, it may be dry clean only.

Your of the finished products possible for three days, if payment is not made reservation will be cancelled automatically, thanks for understanding!

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  Zheleznova Svetlana
Zheleznova Svetlana
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Hello! You looked in my store and I am very happy! My name is Svetlana, I love to sew toys in style Teddy, I was interested in creating not just another Bear, or any other character, and in a way, what he lives, thinks, dreams.... and what family wants to go!!! Each of my Bears is swaaa little "History" with which he will share with You))). My toys are created in a single copy, all the toys and outfits to them, the accessories - I sew by hand, which means you will have a toy 100% handmade. I really love your work, and this means that the toy is filled with love, warmth and kindness that our world is very valuable...

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