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Stuffed Bear
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By Liz Walker Watts

14 inches (35.5 centimeters)

A new traditional style bear joins our hug
We are pleased to release Jackie a bigger bear at a little over 14” (27cm)
Jackie has being stitched in a vintage piece of soviet fur. I have lightly dyed the fabric to a shade of off white / pink using our secret natural dying process. As the fabric is a vintage find it shows gentle wear and has being further clipped and shaved in places to further the vintage appeal. Shading has being kept to the minimum as the fabric is too gorgeous a colour to grub it up too much.
Jackie has being filled with a heavy fibre and further weight has being added giving him a nice weighty feel.
A 5-way jointed bear with hand blown German glass eyes and a simple embroidered nose.
To add to his appeal he wears a handmade hat and ruffle around his neck, both items are removable, and floss pompoms have being stitched to his tummy.
Our label is stitched to his back seam and he will come to you with our swing tag with full birth and material details.
Please note this bear is not a toy and not intended for play but rather a collector’s item only.

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  Liz Walker Watts
Wacky Walker Bears
United Kingdom
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Hello my name is Liz. I live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. I am the creator of ‘Wacky’ Walker Bears alongside Walker ‘Watts’ Raggedy and Liz’s Little Folk As a self-taught mixed media artist I have always had a passion for creating, always looking to take art to the next level of creativity.My bear making adventures started in the late 80’s and to be honest although I have pursued other art forms I always leap right back to creating bears and their cuddly friends. My style has evolved over the years possibly as I ‘bore’ easily and am always game to try something a little different or add a little of another art form into the bear making process.I work mostly in mohair but recently have developed a passion for Viscose and other vintage fabrics. I love the insurgence of the vintage look into all forms of art forms these days also always being passionate about recycling, possibly due to my African routes as when I started my bear making there wasn't always the variety of fabrics I wanted available at the time. I experiment with various forms of filling materials as well depending on the size of the bear in production.Mostly my bears are of my own design but often an artist appears who’s creations touch my heart. I do sometime work from others designs but will always give them credit if credit is due, I am forever grateful for their creative input into my own work and style.My bears range in size. This varies as well, who’s to say what size I will be making next? What inspires me? This is a difficult question as just a thought, a picture, a piece of fabric, another artist beautiful creation or just simply a vision – then the work starts as I can’t rest until I have turned something into reality. But I can honestly say each and every one of my creations are thought in a vision, Created in dreams, Designed by the soul, Drawn in a doodle, Made with love,And Presented with a passion. I find it hard to wait for that new miracle to be born in the fur

I am presently bear making full time, working part time. A mum to four, married to the love of my life and best friend, Rodney. Artists cannot ever work for free! We have bills to pay just like you. My work takes: Imagination & Creation, and many hours of my time. I can honestly say I am blessed to have the life I have and also able to pursue my creative passion in the way I do. A BIG thank you to all you lovely people for welcoming my little guys into your world. Thanks again for taking the time to look at my workYou can follow our shenanigans in the studio

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