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Tiger Rosemary
Stuffed Tiger
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By Natalia

11 inches (28 centimeters)

A small tiger Rosemary sewn on technology teddy in the style of "natural" of artificial fur. The fur is painted in hand. Special paints (hands do not smear). Glasses handmade. Inside the tiger cub has its own skeleton in the body and in the legs, due to which all parts of the body are mobile and can be bent (a tiger can take different poses: sit, stand, lie). The ears and tail are also reinforced (you can bend or change the position). Inside it is stuffed with holofiber and sheep's wool. Weighted with mineral granulate. A collar with a bells is included.

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$280.00 USD
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Hello dear friends! My name Nataliya.Ya engaged in the manufacture of toys made of wool and fur, mostly in the style of "nature" .Very love animals. I am very happy when my beautiful animals fall into the caring good hands. Every newborn beast has a name with which he went to his new home.
Good luck and inspiration!

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