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Nele miniature bunny
by Atelier Lavendel
7 inches (18 centimeters)


Meet Nele! This little bunny is pretending to be an old and battered one.
Standing approximately 7 inches (18cm) from the top of her head to her toe (plus ears), she is an OOAK bunny, lovingly handmade by Atelier Lavendel.

This bunny is made with high qual­ity hand dyed viscose fabric from the traditional working German manufacture Steiff Schulte. Her glass eyes are handmade in the Lauscha glass manuafacture. I hand embroidered her nose with cotton embroidery floss. I used organic clean sheep wool to stuff her body and limbs and added some steel shot to her belly to give her the special cuddly feel.
This bunny is gentle hand painted using non-toxic pastel colours and bees wax crayon.
Her fully and loosely jointed arms, legs and head are movable and pose able.
Her dress is made with cotton fabric and cotton tread, her gorgeous cowl is lace weight mohair.

I intended this bunny as a little treasure to display or as a special heirloom toy to an older child for gentle play.
Ready to ship.
ECO friendly.
Dry clean only.

SAFETY NOTE: I recommend this bunny for collectors 6+ : )

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