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Stuffed Bear
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By Dagmar Seibel

7.8 inches (20 centimeters)

Tove ´s fur is of a light brown mohair - her face is of long pile sassy - similar of my TOBY Award and Golden George winner Columbus :-) She has the same size and the same pattern. Tove is stuffed with sheep-wool and stone granules, she is 5-way splinted and has black glass eyes. She wears a dress and a hat and a bear pendant.The nose is stitched of two different colors - blue and black . I hope you loves her - thank you !!!

Ordering Information:
Please let me know, if you have any more questions. All my bears you can see at my page : .Click " Collection"
Bevor you pay - please ask me weather the bear is available ! My bears are OOAK´s /unique´s!!!
Thank you !!!

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  Dagmar Seibel
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My name is Dagmar Seibel and I´m a teddybear artist since 1996. I have a lot of fun to create my bear-kids. They are completely designed by me, the clothes too. Most of them have a lot of details and they are between 3 and 17 inches, the bigger ones are more rare by the way. I do only work with the most exquisite materials like mohair, alpaca or long pile fabrics. It´s my trademark that all bear faces are from two kind of materials. The eyes are made of black glass and the bears are filled with sheep wool.
A lot of my bears are winners - they already participated in the big teddybear contests like Golden George, Ted Worldwide and Toby Award.
If you want to have further informations about my bears, please ask me or have a look on my website : or visit me on Facebook :
Bevor you pay - please ask me whether the bear is available . All my bears are Uniques - OOAK´s !!! Thank you!!!

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