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mouse teddy Lilly
Stuffed Moose
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By Tatiana Gorbacheva

5.1 inches (13 centimeters)

I would like to introduce you to my new mouse teddy Lilly .

She was born 23.02.17.
Lilly crocheted from mixed yarn, shaded.
She is 13 cm high. She has dark glas eyes.
She is 6-way disk-jointed, metal frame in her hands.
Filling: hollofayber.

If you have any questions email me, I will gladly answer them.
Thank you !

Ordering Information:
I send packages using registered Small Packet, with tracking number looking like this: RAXXXXXXXXXRU. I specify no value in the custom form, we don't even have an option to enter any value there for Small Packet even if I wanted to. So good news you will never have to pay any import taxes, bad news (for me) - package goes uninsured. Out of several hundred of toys I've sent no parcel has been ever lost, however there were cases when a package has taken two months to deliver. In 98% of all cases though it usually takes two to three weeks door to door. The longest shipping times on average are to Canada and Australia, so please please be patient. Please note that although most post services around the world can track this type of tracking numbers, some simply don't and won't - examples being Australia and Canadian Post again. So all packages to Australia and Canada can only be tracked up to when they get exported from Russia.

Adopted (Available for custom order - Contact Me)
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