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Pattern Bear
by Matvienko Oksana


Paying for this listing you purchase only electronic goods, not the ready-made toy. Materials you can buy separately in a special store for Teddy bears.

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I suggest you repeat step by step my actions to create your own little friend. What is special?

The history of this Teddy bear began in August 2016 with plasticine model. And after the first five pilot bears, I created a pattern which I don’t want to change. It has almost no movable joints. Only the hands are attached to the body with the split pins. It is quite tiny just 3.15 inches, so you need special tools that would turn out small details, as well as a lot of patience and a desire to get a result. You will need a lot of time to fill the Teddy with sawdust.

I photographed and described each step starting with the cutting pattern and finishing with fully complete bear with toning applied. The description is on 23 pages in PDF format. Also I attach two A4 format files with the patterns. With these files it is possible to create a fluffy Teddy bear as in the picture, or a bear of a thin plush like viscose.Also I recorded a short video on how I up turn the Teddy’s claw made of the German artificial fur (6mm).

I tried to make very detailed and understandable description, but this instruction is not suitable for creating the first Teddy.

The present e-product cannot be changed or returned
This course is intended for personal use only. Do not copy, do not present it to anyone and do not place it on the Internet. You can sew with it bears for yourself, for your friends as a gift, or for sale. Please note my authorship.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

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