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Pattern Teddy bears 18cm
by Moshkina Elena
7 inches (18 centimeters)


Pattern Teddy Bears 18 cm in PDF format.

Designed for those who are familiar with creating teddy bears technology. NOT FOR BEGINNERS !!!!
Pattern is given without describing the progress of work, the result depends on your printing and embroidery eye landing nose.
Included in the price:
1. Pattern bears and clothes for him.
2. The list of materials needed for sewing.

Pattern is given taking into account the allowance for seams.

Bear obtain an increase of about 18 cm (depending on the packing density and the selected material). Patterns can be enlarged to the size you want. All questions arising in the process of sewing, I will answer as far as possible!

Pattern is sent to the e-mail immediately after payment or during the day (please indicate your email address).

You can sew a bear for yourself or sale, with the obligatory indication of authorship. Patterns may not be sold or put on the resources, thank you for your understanding.

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Paula Bernhoft
I am trying to order patterns from you however my email has changed as of yesterday.
2 years 10 months ago
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