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Marvin by ToniBears
Stuffed Bear
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By Anja

11 inches (28 centimeters)

Today I would like to introduce the little Marvin. He is standing 28 cm (11.02 inches) tall.

Marvin was sewn from black and gray Schulte alpaca with a lot of love by hand.

The black glass eyes have leather eyelids and the nose I have modeled from Apoxie-Sculpt. The paws and soles of the feet have got leather inserts, which were later sculptured.

Marvin is splinted 5 times and his arms and legs have a wire insert for better mobility.
It was filled with filling wool and granules.
Marvin is looking for a loving home and is waiting for his adoption.

My creations come from a non-smoking house and are collectibles and not suitable for children's toys.

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  Anja Eckhardt
Toni-Bears by Anja
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Hello, my name is Anja and I live with my husband and my dogs in the beautiful city of L├╝beck, Schleswig-Holstein. From my earliest youth I have been involved with manual work, such as sewing, knitting, crochet and much more.

I then sewed from a bear journal my first Teddy end of 2012 and I had then so much fun at this beautiful hobby that I had to continue.
2015 I then entered a contest after my first cut and could occupy the 2nd place. Now since that time I finished sweet bears and other animals, according to my own ideas.

All my bears are completely sewn by me by hand and with lots of love. I use only high-quality materials such as alpaca, mohair and precious plush. Some of the bears are loaded with pellets and have wire insert for better mobility.
I so love the variety of bears, there is always something new and different.

Perhaps you too have a liking to my creations - thank you for visiting my site.

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