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Steward the confection br
by Tiffany Crosby
14 inches (35.5 centimeters)


Steward is a confection brownie, also known as a nursery or nanny brownie. Confection brownies get their colorful coats due to their dietary need and enjoyment of salt water taffy. It is up to debate if they are helpful and watchful over children because children are more likely to have candy, or if candy is given to children to feed their brownie nursemaids. This type of brownie is often underfoot, and both homes with small children, and lurking in sweet shops, performing tasks in return for candy.

Steward is a brownie who knows his away around a pantry. Not that he can cook, he just knows how to help himself to food stored out of his reach. He enjoys puzzles, collecting belly button lint and showing small children how to beg for sweets.

Steward sits at 10 inches tall, and is 14 inches in total length, he has 5 cotter pin joints, is weighted, and has hand painted acrylic eyes that glow in the dark. His nose is made of dragonskin profx and is very soft and squishy to the touch. He is wearing a belled necklace and has a pair of glasses resting on the bridge of his muzzle.

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