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by utebears
7.4 inches (19 centimeters)


Longer time ago I had found a forrest-troll in Dragonwood-Forrest,that I had named Happy Woody. Now I found another troll again, just as happy as Happy Woody- and so I named this one now HAPPY MOODY.

Also these trolls might look a little creepy they are very kind little forrest-critters and not dangerous at all. They are just happy little soles,also they might be a little mischievous ;) Their teeth and finger- and toe-nails glow in the dark- really a little spooky. They love to wear funny hats and have use for many things that they can find in the woods. So you can find moss,feathers,wood-sometimes even bird-nests- on their hats!

They love to decorate their hats with all things they can find and like. They are real tinkers! As they love to work with mudd they also like to wear gloves from time to time- also some,where the fingers look out for to have a better feeling in the fingers!
All has to be as comfy as possible for them. And- whatever they do, they do it with happiness and are most time giggeling ;) If you are very quite you can hear them in enchanted Dragonwood-Forrest!

HAPPY MOODY forrest- troll is hand-sculptured without using any molds only out of my own fantasy, the body is handsewn from faux-fur and stuffed with sheep-wool and some steel-granules for a nice weight. The arms,feet and the head are handsculptured and are moveable,so the troll can take many different positions-also he is not meant to play with,it is a collector´s item. The hat is hand-knitted and has handsewn faux-fur ears and is individually decorated with natural materials and OOAK, One of a Kind.The eyes of Happy Moody are Lauschae´r glass eyes from Germany.

Now HAPPY MOODY is waiting for his special Human that wants to take him home :)

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