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Bear cub Lida
Stuffed Bear
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By Marina Yamkovskaia

9 inches (23 centimeters)

Dear friends!
I would like to present you this little bear cub.
The bear Lida is seen from Italian rayon, fulfilled with sawdust.
All clothes can be removed and it's seen from high quality cotton, silk and
Leather shoes are not removable.
The little dog is seen from Italian rayon, the height of a toy is approximately 7 cm.
The second bear Lucy is in my shop.

Ordering Information:
Let me explain you something. Because of economic situation and the prices of artist toys I can suggest you a layaway payment.
Terms of the layaway contract are : 50% payment is a guarantee that the toy is under your reservation.
Next 50% you suppose to pay during the month or next month, but not later than 45 calendar days after the first payment.
Please notice , the first part of payment is a non refundable deposit!
So remember, if you have changed your mind or your financial situation been changed the deposit won't be refund!
Reminding you that I'm not charging extra money for the layaway service, so I feel that it's fine to use a deposit as a guarantee that my job is paid and to make it 100% not refundable.
I believe in our both sides understanding!


$240.00 USD
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Baudette DeHaven
They are both so sweet! I wish I could get them both.
321 days ago
Yamkovskaia Marina
Thank you-)!!!
321 days ago
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  Yamkovskaia Marina
Yamkovskaia Marina
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My name is Marina Yamkovskaya and I'm happy to see you at my shop.
I'm a professional creator of teddy bears and teddy bear friends.

I love to work in different styles: it's great to take inspiration from everywhere. I like classical mohair bears and also I love natural style of bears with their soft paw pads and armatured bodies.

I'm an open and a friendly person so please feel free to contact me.

My e-mail address -
My account in Instagram - @yamkovskaia

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