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With another Big White Rabbit and 15 cm tiny Rabbit.
Big White Rabbit
by Bayle
18.8 inches (48 centimeters)


Here is my White Rabbit))
It's big (for me) and heavy enough: ~48 cm standing (with slighly bended ears). He weights ~1100 g.
It's made of 2 kinds of white viscose and filled with polyfill and steel pellets. There's a wire inside his arms and ears!!! His legs and arms are jointed, can move around, his head is double-jointed, can swing! He can sit and stand by himself; he's got a tail also. His heels and inner side of his ears are made of flock fabric. He's got glass eyes and whiskers on his cheeks and above his eyes.
His jacket is made of dark-blue velvet with grey silk lining; there's a sleeveless vest under it (with snap-fasteners inside), made of dark-blue cotton fabric with red silk lining. There're tiny red buttons on both sides of his jacket. There're trimmings of lace with gold thread on his collar and sleeves. The shirt-front & front sleeves are made of lace.
Tiny pocket watches are real and can open)

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