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Big Blue Louise with voic
by utebears
22 inches (55.8 centimeters)


Here I have something REALLY VERY SPECIAL from utebears: A VERY BIG OOAK from utebears, a bear with the big measurement of 22 inches, 55 cm!

Who knows me will also know that I normally only make miniatures,but NEVER bigger bears than 10-12 inches- and mostly miniatures around 3-4 inches! Already 10 inches is REALLY big for me!
So my BIG BLUE LOUISE is a very rare and seldom bear from utebears! And- there will NEVER ever be one like her in that big size!

BIG BLUE LOISE is sewn from best German Schulte Alpaca Mohair in a very dense quality and in a warm grey-blue, it is dove-blue with a hint of grey also. She has a hand-stitched mouth and nose,the nose is stitched from black yarn with some light grey spots,matching the fur. She also has handstitched claws. Her body is filled with sheep-wool and granules and she is a really heavy girl in this size! Therefore she can only sit and has a heavy feeling as well.Her head is a wobble-head that not only can turn around,but also up and down.Her body is not so heavy filled so that it looks as if she is an antique bear that already lost some of the stuffing and has a very relaxed appearance like many old bears do have.She is very charming and a really great character bear in vintage style.As she loves the relaxing smell of Lavender very much she also will bring her lavender-cushion with her,decorated with a vintage mother of pearl button and a string.

BIG BLUE LOUISE even has a deep pull-voice with string and button on her back and also an insewn utebears lable,she will also get a handsigned certificate of authenticity signed by me.She comes from smoke-free home like all my utebears.

Round her neck Loise is wearing a vintage pearl-collar,a silk-band with heart-pendant and as well a bracelett with a vintage medaillon matching her nice cream-white jacket with faux-fur edging. She has been designed with lots of love and care, her paw-pads are from suedine and the colouring and shading is with oil-pastells. BIG BLUE LOISE is a very special and true OOAK from utebears as there never has been and never will come one big bear like her again!

I also offer layaway on all my bears over 70 €,if you need this option,please contact me and we can discuss a special payment-plan for you! :)

Worldwide    €25.00 EUR    (€25.00 EUR)

shipping with tracking and insurance 25 € worldwide as this bear is a very big and heavy bear, 7,50 € for Germany with DHL

As BIG LOUISE is very heavy stuffed with steel-shot and sheep--wool the shipping-costs for her are also higher than usual,but therefor this bear is really special and rare!!!

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€450.00 EUR     (€450.00 EUR)

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