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WOODY lavender woodling
by utebears
6 inches (15.2 centimeters)


Have a look what I just found in enchanted Dragonwood-Forrest,where many magical critters are living: A little Lavender Woodling! I named him Woody and took him home with me after I had made some photos. I hope you love him as much as I do :)

He really is special cute and such a nice little one!He is a little bit shy and just a little dreamer............. ;)

Now little Woody Lavender Woodling is searching for a nice loving home with a special kind human that wants to take care of him! He is a little dreamer and loves it best to sit sometimes on a tree-stump and think about all that is happening around him. He is 14 cm when standing and 12 cm when sitting-and he really loves it best just to sit and think,he is very intelligent and thinking about lots of things always................

Woody is handsewn from High Quality very dense light lavender coloured faux-fur,he is filled with lots of LOVE, LAVENDER,glass-granules and some sheep-wool, he has a very soft feeling. He is 5-way-jointed,comes with his handmade woodling-hat and his little nose is handsculptured and handcoloured and blushed. His body also is handcoloured and blushed,claws are stitched, his paw-pads are needle-sculptured and coloured and his fur is scissor-sculptured.He is wearing a nice cabochon round his neck with a little fawn and a rabbit on it. Woody is worked with lots of tiny detaills and will come with own photo with description,sealed and signed by me as Certificate of authenticity as true OOAK from utebears.

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