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Vintage style bear First, one of a bear family "Six Bears"

Vintage style bear First and bear Fourth
Bear First one of a bear
Stuffed Bear
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By Larisa Oshmyanskaya

9.2 inches (23½ centimeters)

Vintage style bear First, one of a bear family "Six Bears".
If you like old vintage toys and appreciate the warmth of bygone days, than these bears will delight you a lot.
Bears of this family are made from mohair and aged a little bit. When you`ll take them in hands, you`ll understand they were not found at the attic, but for a long time they were kept in the box somewhere at the wardrobe shelf. They have some signs of love and tender embrace - shabby and sewn spots.

All bears from this family cannot stand without your help, so they prefer to sit.

Bears are OOAK, made under my original design and pattern. I used one basic pattern with a little differences for each bear. In conjunction with the color scheme it made every bear the unique one, meanwile they remain similar, like members of one family.

The bear is 25 cm high from the heel to the top.
He has an elongated refined snout with pretty ears, German shiny glass eyes. His nose is waxed, claws are embroidered. Paw pads and foot pads are aged a little.
Head and feet are filled very tight with sawdust. Body is filled with sawdust and small seastones for good weight.
This bear has 5 movable joints. He has an old collar as accessory.

All my bears are made with great love and have a peace of my heart. They have their own stories, character, tastes and habits. They are almost live creatures. So take them in your hands and just imagine... Your little friend is next to you.

The bear will arrive to you with certificate signed by me, and his photo.
If you purchase 2 or more bears from this family at once, you`ll get a 10% discount.

Collector only. Not for children!

All bears are made in non-smoking home. All photos are taken by me. Do not copy without my permission!

I accept PayPal. Also, layaway is possible, just PM me. All teddies are shipped in 1-2 days after final payment, tracking number will be given to you.

For more photos or information please contact me.

Ordering Information:
I accept PayPal.
Ordering Information:
Layaway payment is aveable.
Terms of the layaway contract are next: 50% payment is a guarantee that the toy is under your reservation.
Next 50% you suppose to pay during the month, but not later than 30 calendar days after the first payment.
Please notice, that first part of payment is a non refundable deposit! If you have changed your mind or your financial situation has been changed, the deposit won't be refund!
I'm not charging extra money for the layaway service, so I feel it's fine to use a deposit as a guarantee that my job is paid and to make it 100% not refundable.
I believe in our both sides understanding!

All teddies are shipped in 1-2 days after final payment, tracking number will be given to you.

For more photos or information please contact me.

Bear will come to you with a passport in the original box.


$175.00 USD     (Approx. $175.00 USD)
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  Larysa Oshmianska
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Hello! I`m glad to see you at my shop!My name is Larisa Oshmianska and I`m a teddy-bear artist.I live in wonderful city Odessa (Ukraine) near the Black Sea.I love old teddy-bears very much, so my toys are made in vintage style, from old or new fabrics. All of my bears aren`t replicas or copies of old toys – it`s my own vision of old teddy-bears and last epoch. I also make bunnies, cats and other animals from time to time.

I create my works at home studio – it`s free of smoking and pets.Each toy is based on my own pattern. Most of my works are one of a kind, but sometimes I can repeat them – for example if you want an item which has been already sold. In such a case it won`t be an exact copy, but I`ll make it the most similar to original.I work only with natural materials: sawdust, wool (goat and sheep), mineral granulate.All of my toys are made very careful and with great love. They are not suitable for children and are collector items.

Thank you for visiting!

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