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Little Rosebud
by utebears
2 inches (5 centimeters)


This little mouse-baby-bundle is so tiny- it is the tiniest mousy-bundle I have ever made.Little Rosebud is just about 2 inches,5 cm only!

Little Rosebud is needle-felted and attached in a little handsewn felt-sleeping-sack. She can not come out of the bundle. The little head is moveable and on the head little Rosebud is wearing a cute little flower-hat decorated with shimmery pearls,so cute .

I can make these bundles also for you or your dolly in other sizes, I do them also from size 2 inches up to 8 inches!For the bigger ones the price varies. If interested in another size please just contact me, I also take wish orders in other colours,I have lots of different felt-colours you can choose from.

This little mousy-bundle-baby would look also cute as tiny dolly for your BJD for sure, the little bunny is tiny enough even for the very tiny BJDs like Real Pukis or Puki Pukis or Lati White and many other tiny BJDs or dolls for Example or for your bear or also just can be lay down in a little basket, but also for hanging as there is a silk-band attached on backside of the felt sleeping-sack that you can wrap around the bundle when want to lay it down- but for hanging you can use it as well!

If you would love a bundle in another size you can always contact me, I do many sizes in many different colours!I could also do mice,cats dogs also as bundles,just let me know your special wishes :)

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Marc Ancell
Another most adorable creative work by ute bears. Love my masculine version of rosebud. Much better than pictures can show. Lots of love went into making my prince. Thanks again.
3 years 6 months ago
Ute Gref
I am so happy that you love your little prince Marc,welcome back any time :) It really was a big pleasure for me to create two little critters especially for you :)
3 years 6 months ago
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