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Helena Lichman

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Hello friends!

My name is Elena and I am pleased to welcome you to my store Helena Lichman.

I live in Russia in a small town on the Pacific Ocean. We have pristine nature and magnificent views.

Miniature is my passion and inspiration. I devote all my time to her, constantly improve my skills and learn from the best masters.

I am a graduate of the Natasha Kosova miniature school. We use crocheting for miniature and micro size because crocheted parts have no seams, and can give lots of opportunities for high detalisation.

Teddy bears and their friends took possession of my heart forever. Each of my kids is gifted with love and care. I will be happy if these charming creatures give you new, unusual emotions, make your life more interesting and happier.

I always try to do something amazing for you, almost impossible. I have a lot of creative ideas, opportunities and potential for their implementation.

You can find me on instagram - @helena_lichman.

Miniature Bear Max
1.7" (4½ cm)

Miniature Bear young drum
1.9" (5 cm)

Miniature young drummer t
2.1" (5½ cm)

Miniature Bear Elizabeth
1.9" (5 cm)