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Galina Lyubertceva

5.9 months on Bear Pile
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реалистичные медведи. Миниатюрные медведи. (3)
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Hi everyone!
My name is Galina. I am from Russia.
I am glad to welcome you to my store. I am a graduate of the school of miniatures n.a. Natasha Kosova.
The bears and their friends have taken possession of my heart forever!
All of my toys are made with love and with feeling, they have their own character and mood.
All toys are produced with the use of environmentally friendly materials only.
Moreover, they are from a non-smoking house. I will be happy if you like my cute animals and you decide to take one of them to your dear home.
My bears and other characters are collectable and are not suitable for children.
If you don't find what you need, please email me.
Thank you for visiting!

Щенок Мила
1.9" (5 cm)
$35.00 USD + Free Shipping

Медведь Тими
0.9" (2½ cm)
$30.00 USD + Free Shipping

1.9" (5 cm)
$30.00 USD + Free Shipping

1.7" (4½ cm)
$30.00 USD + Free Shipping

2.1" (5½ cm)
$45.00 USD + Free Shipping

1.9" (5 cm)
$45.00 USD + Free Shipping

МедведьТом 2,1&
2.1" (5½ cm)
$55.00 USD + Free Shipping