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by Wendy Shelby- Hares 'N Hay
10 inches (25.4 centimeters)


“Pickles” is having a Bad Hair Day! This sweet 10” bear is sewn from reclaimed grey/green fox and dark grey Blue Iris Mink. The much longer fox fur that his head and ears are sewn from has a lovely light greenish tint half way up the hair shaft and it is my suspicion that it is this sweet bear’s inordinate love for dill pickles that has caused this ...thus his name. The green is very subtle and almost undiscernible. It is a delicate and unique color of fur and this bear has completely used up all of my supply of it in his construction, making Pickles truly a One of a Kind bear. I have stitched Pickles a black perle cotton nose and mouth on his grey ulreasuede inset muzzle and given him black bead eyes to better see the world. His ulrrasuede pawpads are the same grey as his inset muzzle and he is five way jointed with screws, bolts and wooden discs so head, arms and legs all move. He is stuffed with personality, polyester stuffing and plastic pellets for a nice weight. He is signed and numbered and comes with an adoption certificate stating his name, number and certifying that he is an original creation by Wendy Shelby. Pickles comes from a smoke free home. I couldn't resist the last picture with the wind blowing Pickles' fur. I love the look!

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