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Evgeniya Bryantseva
Eva Creative (Evalis)

12.4 months on Bear Pile
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Hello happy people!
My name is Evgenia, I live in Moscow, Russia.
I love to sew since childhood.
I sew toys since 2010.
Each bear is made with love and I put my heart and soul into them.
My bears are 100% handmade.
Thank you for your interest in my bears.

Alf Batman
3.9" (10 cm)
$106.62 USD

Bear Venya
9" (23 cm)
$109.75 USD

Bear Henry
10.2" (26 cm)
$183.13 USD

Bear Hans
10.2" (26 cm)
$183.13 USD

Bear Gerard
7" (18 cm)
$123.24 USD