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     Ines Tetling


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Annette L. (15 reviews left) Dec 27, 2019  
Wunderschönes Minibärchen, erstklassiges Kunsthandwerk, schnelle Lieferung, sehr empfehlenswert!!!

Julie C. (7 reviews left) Dec 26, 2019  
Very very cute! I always love Ines' little bears!

Vanilla and her frosty friend
Sonja B. (10 reviews left) Dec 18, 2019  

Paul & Kalle
Linda B. (5 reviews left) Dec 10, 2019  
The quality of her bears is top notch but it's the expressions that really pull you in. Love the scenes she creates.

Winter Kiss
Sheran B. (13 reviews left) Dec 09, 2019  
Stunning little bear, so well made. I am thrilled to pieces with her and will definitely be back for more. Delivery was so fast too Thank you so much for letting me adopt her

Little Sweet
Dorothy M. (17 reviews left) Oct 01, 2019  
Just LOVE him! Very special! I was pleasantly surprised! Nice workmanship. I recommend this artist.

Paula M. (1 review left) Aug 20, 2019  
Vio is a delight in miniature. She is the perfect size for my 1:12 French Windmill Cottage, and her scarf of lavender and green are very French! The perfect finish to the cottage of my imagination!

Little March
Pamela A. (3 reviews left) May 30, 2019  
Absolutely, positively adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funnyfant Wave
Pamela A. (3 reviews left) May 30, 2019  
You won't go wrong purchasing from Ines!!

Ruth S. (5 reviews left) May 22, 2019  
I have a few lovely bears and bunny from Ines. Her creations are beautiful. I love the color combinations and themes. Each bear and bunny are unique and special. A very talented artist!

Linda B. (5 reviews left) May 22, 2019  
All of her "critters" have so much personality, especially for the size.

Pamela A. (3 reviews left) May 21, 2019  
I've ordered MANY furry babies from Ines! She's easy to work with, has great communication and the animals will bring nothing but a smile to your face!! If you purchase from Ines, you won't be sorry!!