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Evgeniya Sukonceva
rustic bears

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Hi! My name is Evgenia Sukontseva.
I'm a Teddy master, I live and create my bears
Stavropol (Russia) since 2015. Bears-my main profession, I participated in the exhibition in St. Petersburg in the Netherlands and the Netherlands and in other projects and won prizes, we have diplomas and awards. I love my creations and can not imagine life without them!
For my bears I always choose only high-quality fabrics and materials (viscose France, Italy, mohair Schulte, vintage plush, cotton, linen and other natural materials). all my bears are handmade, the design is made by me with love to all of you!all bears are sewn according to my author's drawings!
I hope my bears will give you pleasure.
Feel free to ask me questions, I will answer, reserve is possible
Thank you very much for your interest in my bears.
I am always glad to see you in my shop!
My toys, collectibles can be for small children.
My e-mail address:
Instagram: @ rustic_bears

7" (18 cm)

7" (18 cm)

8.6" (22 cm)