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Karen corcoran
Karen Corcoran-Bear Amour Creations
United States

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Hi, My name is Karen Corcoran, I am from the U.S. and live at the Beach. I have been an Artist for most of my life. I was a Hairdresser since I Graduated from High School. I love creating and now for many years I have been creating little Critters, Bears, Dogs, Kitty's, Way to many to mention and they have found homes all over the world. All are one of a kind, No two are ever alike. I create them using quality Mohair, Faux fur, and some times I use Recycled real fur, fox, Mink ect. My favorite little guys to make are more realistic or the Funny, Silly Animals. I sometimes use joints or make a one piece body, Either way they can be posed and gently brushed. I study the animals frame and make my own patterns.

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19" (48.2 cm)