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Sharon Ashmole
Botany Bears
United Kingdom

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Hello, I am Sharon. I live in Lincolnshire with my husband and a mad Yorkshire Terrier! I work part time with special needs children, which is really rewarding. I have been making teddy bears for some years now and have sold them world wide.All my bears are "one of a kind" and are made using the finest quality mohair, alpaca, luxurious faux fur and have ultrasuede and cashmere pads and paws.
The bears tummys and pads are filled with steel shot to give a lovely weighted feel when hugged. They are collectors bears and are not suitable for children.The name of my business, Botany Bears, is a combination of two of my favourite pastimes, gardening and bears! I make one bear at a time. Once the head is made the personality seems to develop and the whole bear comes alive.I have named the bears after flowers and plants (they are botany bears after all!) Their names are individually handwritten on flower embellished plant labels, which are included with every bear. When they are adopted their new "parents" can always rename them. All I ask is they are given a loving home.Thank you for looking. Sharon Ashmole

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7" (17.7 cm)

15" (38.1 cm)

Rosemary and Thyme
15" (38.1 cm)

15" (38.1 cm)

15" (38.1 cm)
$72.68 USD

15" (38.1 cm)
$72.68 USD